Jessica Alba Shares Healthy Living Tips


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Jessica Alba seems to have it together. She has a great family, amazing good looks and a successful career. The star claims that she is able to maintain her looks and her health by eating right and exercising often.

Alba has even written a book on wellness and has her own eco-friendly family product line, The Honest Company.

Alba recently offered up some tips about healthy living and says that she is proud to be able to inspire people to live healthy. She has also recently teamed up with her favorite wellness drink, ZICO coconut water and is the new ambassador for the company's new campaign, "Crack Life Open."

"Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter knows I'm a big believer in living honestly. I drink their natural coconut water as a simple way to stay healthy, but also because I'm on board with their 'Crack Life Open' mentality of living your best life by staying positive, being present and taking small steps towards balanced, healthy living that fit your lifestyle," Alba said.

She often shares photos of her meals and her favorite products on both Twitter and Instagram and never misses a chance to share her tips for living healthy.

Alba not only tries to live a healthy life herself, she also makes sure that her young daughters are eating and living healthy as well. She has said on several occasions that she is proud of the food choices that her children make and feels confident that they are on the right track to living a healthy lifestyle that they will continue when they grow into adults.

What do you think of Jessica Alba's healthy living tips and her new campaign?

Image via Instagram