Jesse James Refers to Sandra Bullock's Son Louis as 'My Son'

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Jesse James dished recently about the pain he experienced when he and Sandra Bullock split up back in 2010, following her learning he had cheated on her.

Surprisingly, Jesse James takes full responsibility for the split.

“The relationship part I was able to put [aside],” he said. “I had to stand up in front of the media and take full account for what I did. And I took it all. I took 100 percent of it right on the chin. Nobody does that. Everybody denies it.”

James went on to say that the hardest part of his divorce from Sandra Bullock was "losing my son that I adopted.”

“The painful part was about Louis, who we adopted,” Jesse James said. “As bad as stuff was between us, we adopted a kid and things got kind of good for a little while and we had that kid to focus on, and, boom, it was over in 24 hours--gone, done.”

Sandra Bullock hasn't reacted publicly to Jesse James's claim. If she decides to justify his comments with any kind of statement, what do you suppose she might say.

Perhaps she'd start by saying if he intended for Louis to be "his son" maybe he should have thought of that before cheating on "his wife." Maybe he should have loved that little boy enough to not tear his family apart.

Of course one can't truly speculate on what Sandra Bullock might say in response to Jesse James and his cuing of these violin strings.

Is he hoping people will feel sorry for him?

That's not going to happen. Everyone knows what he did to Sandra Bullock, and she is one of America's celebrity sweethearts. She was treated horribly, and yet she maintained her dignity in light of much public humiliation. She went on the adopt the little boy she loved as a single mom.

Louis Bullock isn't Jesse James's son. Had James truly wanted to adopt Louis, he should have used some self control.

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