Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard: Instagram Indicates a Sisterly Feud May Be Over in Latest Duggar Drama

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Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard seem to have been feuding, although family and friends say the latest Duggar drama is nothing to worry about and Instagram posts indicate the rift may be over.

One would think that now that the sisters are both married, they would have much in common and be closer than ever, however recent rumors on Facebook indicated that the reality stars are — or were — involved in a rather serious feud.

And yes, the sisters seem to have shut down the rumors by posting photos of double dates with their husbands, but social media never lies. OK, that's a lie, but you can learn much about relationships on Twitter, especially when people follow and unfollow people. Who hasn't become angry at someone and the first think you think is "unfollow, unfriend" or even the dreaded "block?"

The first indication that there was an issue between the 19 Kids and Counting stars came when Jill unfollowed her sister on Twitter, although she continued to follow Anna and Derick Dillard, as well as other Bates family members. It was also telling that Derick Dillard was no where to be seen on Ben Seewald’s follow list. However, Derick is still following his brother-in-law.

Is everyone following the follows and unfollows?

A source told Star that the tension between Jill and Jessa is pretty common. According to the source, Jessa apparently resents Jill’s status as the Duggar family’s "favorite child."

“Jessa resents that Jill is her parents’ favorite, and she’s pulling away from the family. And Jill doesn’t approve of the choices Jessa is making,” said the source.

It's great living life with your best friend! @ben_seewald

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Reports also claim that Jill has remained her sweet self ever since she became Mrs. Dillard, while Jessa seems to be taking a new, independent route from toeing the family line of behavior, as indicated when Jessa shared a kissing picture on Instagram in, some would say, a rather low-cut shirt.

If you remember correctly, these girls apparently didn't even kiss their husbands until the I do's were said.

Duggar supporters say it's no big deal that there are these telling follows and unfollows. Their assumptions are likely correct if recent Instagram posts are to be believed. The girls are probably already over whatever was bothering them.

Ah, sisters.

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