Jessa Duggar Could Start Courting Trend

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Jessa Duggar made waves with the announcement of her courtship last year with beau Ben Seewald, prompting most Americans to ask, "What's courtship?"

Now she has begun talking about what it's really like, opening the eyes of a new generation to the time-tested process.

Jessa and her sister explained on Good Morning America that courting is "a new season of life. It’s exciting. We call it dating with a purpose and not just frivolous, really considering the person as a potential life partner.”

This is truly a new concept in this generation of casual hook-ups and marriage decline. However, with new teen celebrities making waves like Sadie Robertson, Kolby Koloff, and Jessa Duggar, perhaps the tide could be turned. Is this the beginning of a new conservative generation?

Would today's teens turn away from casual dating in favor of a more serious approach? Jessa's sister Jill thinks courting is a better way to meet Mr. Right. She is encouraging young women to look deeper than looks or money to find their perfect match and not waste time on a relationship that could end with a broken heart and a lost sense of self.

Her advice is to ask some vital questions when cosidering who to enter courtship with, like “Is he going to be a good father? Is he slow to anger?”.

The girls and their parents set rules for courtship which almost completely omit any physical contact, according to Fox 411. “I think we’re saving like hand holding and that stuff more for engagement and we’re saving our first kiss for our wedding day,” Jessa explained.

The trend toward a more wholesome life experience is absolutely encouraging as a mother, but can today's tweens and teens ditch dating for an old-fashioned idea like courtship? Time will tell on this one!

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