Jerry Tarkanian, Legendary UNLV Coach, Hospitalized


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The Shark isn't doing so well, according to his son Danny.

Jerry Tarkanian, the legendary former basketball coach for the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels, might be suffering from pneumonia, and he's currently battling muscle weakness too.

Unfortunately, Tarkanian took a turn for the worse after returning from Final Four weekend, where he went to a coaches' luncheon, and watched the Kentucky Wildcats practice for their game against Wisconsin.

His son, Danny Tarkanian, said his dad stayed in his hotel room to watch the semifinal game, because he was much too tired to watch it in person. And when returning to Las Vegas after the Final Four was done he took him to the hospital.

"I think he was tired from the trip," said Danny. "But he wanted to go to the Final Four, and he was good enough to travel."

Thankfully, Jerry's condition may be improving, as he seems to be getting a little bit stronger, but both Danny and the rest of the Tarkanian family will undoubtedly feel much better once they find out the real reason behind Jerry's fatigue.

"He's doing better today than he was yesterday," explained Danny. "The doctors are doing a good job of keeping us informed, but they're still not sure what the problem is."

In a 2009 interview, Danny, who's a Republican politician, spoke about helping his dad with coaching as he got older, but eventually chose running for state senate instead.

"When my father got the job at Fresno State, I decided to go and coach with him there," said Danny. "It was sort of an unusual move, but my dad was getting older in his career, and my family and I felt it would be good for someone to go up and work with him. And the fact that I played with him, I decided to do so, so I coached with him for seven years in Fresno, came back to Las Vegas, and I went to law school to get into public service."

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