Jerry Seinfeld Is No. 1 On Billboard Thanks To A Rap 'Album About Nothing'

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Comedian Jerry Seinfield and rapper Wale might be the oddest odd couple out there, but their collaboration “The Album About Nothing” is No.1 on Billboard this week.

The album is the American rapper’s fourth studio album and the third album inspired by Seinfield’s trademark observational comedy. Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing was released in 2007 and was followed by More About Nothing in 2010.

And as the title playfully hints, Wales new release is still heavily inspired by the TV legend. The album still includes dialogue from the trailblazing series and all 14 cuts in the album starts with “The,” just like every episode in the comedy. The cover art is also reminiscent of the Seinfield logo.

Seinfield doesn’t sing in the album though, but acts as its “narrator” by offering some sharp and insightful remarks on every track.

"He laid the foundation of most of the songs, so in the concept of the album, he's the other voice," Wale explained.

Even with Seinfield’s collaboration, Wale’s fourth offering goes to some pretty dark places. In it, the 31-year-old rapper shares his feelings about his cousin’s death and a former girlfriend’s miscarriage.

"That was a tough period for me. It was a struggle for me after those incidents. Everything almost happened at once," Wale admitted. He said he turned to drugs after falling into a depression over those events.

But how did Wale, a self-confessed big Seinfield fan, convince the comedian to work on his album? He was lucky enough to meet Seinfield’s wife Jessica.

"She's a big hip-hop fan and of my music," Wale revealed about the cookbook author. "She was the middle man on a lot of things because Jerry is super busy. He's not an easy person to reach. But she was able to put it all together."

The strange friendship that developed between the two is certainly bearing fruit. Album About Nothing debuted at No.1 and according to Billboard, has already sold “100,000 equivalent album units.” It’s followed by the soundtrack of Furious 7.

'The Album About Nothing Intro': Wale featuring Jerry Seinfeld (explicit lyrics)

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