Jerry Sandusky Jury Reaches Verdict: Twitter Reacts

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Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse against 10 minors last night, and the crowd outside the courtroom was filled with onlookers who erupted into cries of joy when the verdict was read. Sandusky's trial has been a particularly trying one for the families of the victims and the victims themselves, of course, as their terrible memories flooded the courtroom after several years of being kept a secret.

Sandusky's own adopted son, Matt, came forward with a desire to testify against him, though his statement wasn't taken into consideration because the jury had already begun to deliberate. Matt was one of six children the Sandusky's adopted and has a troubled past, which includes a suicide attempt barely four months after moving into the home.

The overwhelming amount of evidence trumped the lack of corroborating witnesses to Mike McQueary's claim that he saw Sandusky having sex with a young boy in the Penn State showers several years ago; McQueary was an employee of the school. His allegations that Penn State coach Joe Paterno did nothing to stop the abuse got Paterno fired last year. Paterno died in January.

Twitter fairly exploded with the news late last night as word spread about the verdict; for most, it seems, justice has been served.

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