Jenny McCarthy Says She’s Pro-Vaccination

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Model and The View host Jenny McCarthy has claimed that she was misunderstood on her stance on vaccines, firing back with a column on the Chicago Sun-Times.

Just last month, the “Playboy Playmate of the Year” was called out by fans saying she’s anti-vaccination. In recent years, McCarthy has voiced out that vaccines administered during childhood are tied to autism among children.

In her column, McCarthy claimed that her opinion on the matter has not changed or altered, but that she is in the gray zone about the topic.

Through the years, McCarthy has been linked to anti-vaccination ideologies, claiming that vaccines have toxins. However, doctors have said that vaccines contain little amounts of toxins for it to take effect the way McCarthy imagined it to be.

Oddly, the host is also a supporter of botox, a procedure that contains botulinum, one of the most lethal toxins that exists. In an interview several years ago, she admitted she loves botox, calling it a savior.

However, in her column for the Sun-Times, she clarified that she is pro-vaccine, she is just looking at alternative schedules for injections, without completely eliminating the vaccine.

She continued to say that her son Evan, who has autism, encouraged her to look at options, questioning the ‘one size fits all’ practice of vaccination schedules.

She questions whether a healthy, able-bodied child should receive the same number of shots and have a similar vaccination plan with a child who has a weaker immune system.

McCarthy insists on her son getting one vaccination shot per visit instead of the current practice of multiple shots. She believes that parents should have the right to ask questions regarding their children’s vaccination.

She added that she is not discouraging conversations about children’s healthcare. She closed her article by saying that one size does not fit all, and that gray should still be an option.

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