Jenny McCarthy: Mark Wahlberg Skipping Donnie Wahlberg Wedding?

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Jenny McCarthy is reportedly marrying Donnie Wahlberg on Saturday, but rumor has it brother Mark Wahlberg won't be in attendance. Why? That same rumor also claims he and his wife aren't fans of the bride.

TMZ is reporting that multiple sources say Mark Wahlberg's wife wasn't happy about a recent interview Jenny McCarthy did with Howard Stern. She apparently felt Jenny was making her relationship with her brother-in-law to be out to be something it isn't.

TMZ also reports that they contacted Mark Wahlberg, who said he won't be at the wedding because he will be attending a birthday party for his daughter Ella--in L.A. The wedding is said to be taking place in New York. It's up for debate as to which scenario is the bona fide truth it seems.

Hollywood Life reports that Donnie Wahlberg's family is flying to New York for the Saturday wedding.

The former Playboy model and star of The View became engaged to Donnie Wahlberg back in April.

Jenny McCarthy said recently that paring down the wedding guest list was going to be difficult.

"The hardest part is we have to cut down the wedding list, because the place we're getting married at, it's very boutique. With Donnie's 800 relatives - yes, 800. I've got 6,000 McCarthys," she said.

Did the Blue Bloods star's brother help pare down that list for her?

There's been lots of chatter about the New Kids on the Block star marrying Jenny McCarthy. Not all of it has been positive. Perhaps once they tie the knot and get on with their married life, the Wahlberg family will hop on board?

What's your take on Jenny McCarthy marrying Donnie Wahlberg? Do you expect Mark Wahlberg will show for the nuptials or is he really tied down at that birthday party in L.A.?

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