Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg Talk Wedding Plans


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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are currently engaged and in no hurry to actually tie the knot. Of course, any engaged couple plans to eventually have a wedding and although Donnie and Jenny haven't planned out the details of theirs yet, they do know what they don't want in it.

“We’re not getting married in Istanbul with eight million guests,” Donnie said. “I won’t have three dresses,” added Jenny.

“No seven dresses, not going to happen… that’s their thing, good for them,” Donnie said, referencing Kim and Kanye's recent extravagant wedding ceremony.

Jenny and Donnie do know that they want a small wedding that will only include their close friends and family members. Jenny, who is known for her sense of humor even joked that she thought about having the ceremony at an Applebee's restaurant. When the restaurant heard about this, they decided to invite the couple to do just that.

They tweeted an invitation to Jenny and Donnie.

While Jenny and Donnie don't actually plan on having their wedding at an Applebee's restaurant, they did appreciate the offer and Jenny said that they are considering letting the restaurant chain cater the reception.

Jenny said, “I thought it was very cute that Applebee’s tweeted us, so we went in on it, we actually said maybe we should have them do the appetizers.” Donnie added, “Or the wedding rehearsal dinner, it was really sweet of them.”

Since both Jenny and Donnie have been married before, they are taking their time on their wedding and making sure that both of them are completely happy with it.

Both of them are happy with a small wedding and say that a lavish wedding doesn't necessarily mean a good one. They believe that a more personal ceremony is right for them and they are looking forward to celebrating the occasion with the special people in their lives.

What do you think of their decision for a small wedding?

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