Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg Reveal Details About Wedding Plans


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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are getting married!

Now, rumors regarding details about their upcoming wedding are running rampant. However, most of the outlandish reports are the furthest thing from the truth.

So, the 41-year-old model-actress has taken the time to offer some clarity. According to Extra TV, she and her singer-actor fiancé made it clear that they won't be having a lavish, extravagant ceremony.

"We’re not getting married in Istanbul with eight million guests,” Wahlberg clarified. “I won’t have three dresses,” McCarthy added.

The former New Kids On the Block singer went on to address another outlandish rumor that has been circulating about the wedding. “No seven dresses, not going to happen… that’s their thing, good for them.”

For those who aren't quite sold on their admiration for simplicity, they even stated that they'd be satisfied with exchanging vows at Applebees! Although that idea is about as far-fetched as the wedding rumors, McCarthy spoke with the Boston Herald about it just a couple weeks ago.

The View co-host told the publication that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's star-studded, extravagant wedding plans only heightened her desire to take a more simplified approach toward marriage.

However, her interest in the popular restaurant chain didn't go unnoticed! Applebees actually tweeted McCarthy, welcoming the couple with open arms.

“I thought it was very cute that Applebee’s tweeted us, so we went in on it, we actually said maybe we should have them do the appetizers,” McCarthy said. Wahlberg also added a suggestion of his own saying, “Or the wedding rehearsal dinner, it was really sweet of them.”

While the happy couple admitted that they haven't even begun planning their wedding, they're definitely enjoying the engagement. However, they did confirm that the occasion will be a small, intimate affair.

“We'll have a small wedding in a really beautiful place and we both want do it right this time… we've both been married before and we want to make it special… this is the last wedding so…,” he said.

No matter what they decide, the wedding will surely be beautiful.

Image via Jenny McCarthy, Facebook