Jenny McCarthy Doesn't Want Wedding Compared To Kardashian's

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Jenny McCarthy spoke recently about her upcoming nuptials, and said it will be a small and intimate affair. In other words, the exact opposite of Kim Kardashian's recent wedding with Kanye West.

McCarthy and fiance Donnie Wahlberg both agreed that they don't want to do the lavish thing when they take their vows.

“We’re not getting married in Istanbul with eight million guests,” Wahlberg said. “No seven dresses, not going to happen… that’s their thing, good for them....We'll have a small wedding in a really beautiful place and we both want do it right this time. We've both been married before and we want to make it special."

McCarthy said that after she joked about having the opposite of a Kardashian fete by getting married at Applebee's, the restaurant tweeted an invitation to do just that.

“I thought it was very cute that Applebee’s tweeted us, so we went in on it, we actually said maybe we should have them do the appetizers," McCarthy said.

The actress and model explained recently how Wahlberg proposed to her, and it wasn't your typical down-on-one-knee affair.

“I was sitting on the couch doing what every girl does saying, 'Tell me how much you love me,' when he left the room. He and my son Evan came running back in holding a piece of paper saying ‘Will’," McCarthy said. She then explained how Evan came back in with a new sheet of paper until he had spelled out "Will You Marry", and then Donnie came out with a shirt on that said, "Me".

McCarthy showed off her giant yellow sapphire engagement ring on The View as she told the story, and was surprised when Wahlberg came running out on stage to give her a hug.

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