Jennifer Nettles' Son Is So Ready For Christmas, As Is She

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Jennifer Nettles’ son, Magnus Hamilton Miller, is so very ready for Christmas ... well nearly ready.

He is only two after all, but his mom says he is ready to experience the wonder of Christmas.

“Magnus is just now going to be two, so he still doesn’t understand the whole concept. He understands excitement and having people around and celebrating,” Nettles told CMT News in Nashville. “But he doesn’t understand the concept of Santa or anything from the sacred standpoint of the season just yet."

It may be that the host of last night's CMA County Christmas special, in which she killed Let It Go with Idina Mendez, is the one who is really ready to experience Christmas through her son's eyes. Nettles said it's the traditions that she experienced as a child that she wants to share with her boy.

“As he gets older, I’m really excited to start traditions with Magnus,” she said.

Nettles said she takes gift-giving very seriously and wants more than anything to offer thoughtful, meaningful gifts. One of her favorite places to find special gifts is Thistle Farms, a community of women in Nashville who have overcome debilitating issues, including prostitution, alcohol and drug addiction.

“There’s a charity here in Nashville called Thistle Farms that makes really great gift baskets. The women there have been rehabilitated after having lived lives on the streets,” she said. “And now these women make all kinds of natural lotions and balms and things, so those are special gifts I can give, because then I’m giving in two different ways.”

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