Jennifer Love Hewitt Opens Up About Being A Mom

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2013 was a busy year for Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Not only did she marry her Client List co-star Brian Hallisay, she also welcomed her first child, a daughter, Autumn.

During a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Hewitt opened up on what it has been like to be a newlywed and how she is handling motherhood. "She [Autumn] watches your show every day," Hewitt revealed. "We both get very excited when the theme song starts and she watches you dance."

She said that Autumn is doing well and has finally learned to sleep through the night. "She's fantastic," Hewitt said. "She's sleeping better now, not so much in the beginning, which was a little rough. But, she's a great sleeper now."

Hewitt also revealed that she believes she has a little dancer on her hands. "She's big into hip-hop and Latin music for some reason," Hewitt explained. "She does the Dougie...I take her arms and do the Dougie...The second the show comes on and you [DeGeneres] start dancing she like she does this weird kick thing with her leg and she gets her little chair. She loves it. I think she's gonna be a dancer. I really do. She loves it."

Rather than having an extravagant wedding, Hewitt and Hallisay opted to have a simple wedding. She revealed that it was just the two of them, and then they went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond because "that's what married people do." "It was very, it was really sweet and he's an awesome, incredible father and a great husband and I just feel really lucky," she said of her new hubby.

Now, four months after Autumn was born, Hewitt is getting her "mamajo" back. Hewitt dyed her long brunette locks blonde and says she is loving it! “I was just inside with the baby and I felt like I was ready for a change," she told PEOPLE. "As Giuliana Rancic says, I wanted to get my ‘momjo’ back! I got my mojo back, I wanted my ‘momjo.’”

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