Jennifer Lawrence to Make Leap from Actor to Director in "Project Delirium"

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Jennifer Lawrence has made a huge name for herself in Hollywood. At just 25 years old she is known as the beloved and strong Katniss Everdeen in all of the Hunger Games films. She earned an Oscar in 2012 for her role in The Silver Linings Playbook. She dazzled fans in American Hustle.

Although giving up acting is in no way a part of Jennifer Lawrence's future, she is making the leap from acting to directing for the very first time.

“I’ve signed on to direct something called Project Delirium–it’s based on this article about mental warfare in the ’60s, like an acid experiment gone terribly wrong,” she says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The film Lawrence will direct is based on a piece published in the New Yorker in 2012, called Operation Delirium. The article tells of military doctors who ran experiments on soldiers during the Cold War.

“It’s funny, I’ve wanted to direct since I was 16 and always thought I should start making steps towards that,” Jennifer Lawrence says. “If I had tried to do it earlier, I wouldn’t have been ready. Now I actually feel ready.”

It was a little over a year ago when Jennifer Lawrence first mentioned her interest in transitioning from actor to director.

“My passion for directing happened at the same time it did for acting on my first movie,” she said backstage at the 2015 Golden Globes. “So I would love to direct–but I don’t want to suck.”

Could Jennifer Lawrence possibly suck at anything? She even laughed at herself when she tripped at the Academy Awards en route to accept her award. She has a modern form of grace-under-fire that allows her to shine no matter what the situation.

There’s no word yet as to when Project Delirium will start production, or even if roles have yet been cast. It’s likely many will be intrigued by the film for the sole purpose of Jennifer Lawrence directing. Nearly everything this young woman touches turns to gold.

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