Jennifer Lawrence Sports Mustache and Unibrow

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Jennifer Lawrence stepped out of a car in New York on Friday sporting both a mustache and a unibrow. Is the actress desperately in need of some waxing?


She was simply being her hilarious self.

Lawrence had reportedly been out to dinner. She returned home to the Tribeca Hotel, where she's currently staying while hunting for an apartment in the city. When she stepped out of the car, it was plain to see she (or someone with her) had drawn a mustache and unibrow onto her face with a dark colored marker.

Sources say Jennifer Lawrence was in a great mood when returning from dinner, and--despite the mustache and unibrow--even stopped to sign autographs for fans.

This wasn't the only silly thing Jennifer Lawrence did last week either. On Wednesday the Hunger Games actress walked down the street with chopsticks in her mouth, causing those both on the sidewalk and inside establishments she walked past to give her a double take. She's certainly been in a giddy mood lately.

Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence is in such a great mood because she's seeing Chris Martin again? The two have dated on and off for almost a year. She and the Coldplay front man--who was married to Gwyneth Paltrow--were spotted at a U2 concert and after party in L.A. earlier this month.

Chris Martin recently said during an interview with People magazine that he and Lawrence are "happier than ever."

A recent rumor, however, has him cozying up to Kylie Minogue. Is there any truth to that?

Jennifer Lawrence will soon be back on the big screen in a film called Passengers, in which she stars alongside both Chris Pratt and Rachel McAdams. She's likely giddy in part because of the $20 million paycheck she's earning for the film.

You would no doubt sport a mustache and unibrow--and walk with chopsticks in your mouth--if you anticipated that kind of a pay day.

So what's your best guess? Is it Chris Martin or the $20 million that has Jennifer Lawrence in such a great mood?

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