Jennifer Lawrence Reveals That She Hated Theater in School

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Jennifer Lawrence recently interviewed Eddie Redmayne for the appropriately-named Interview Magazine. While she got plenty of great material out of Redmayne for the piece, Jennifer Lawrence herself revealed quite a lot.

One of the things that she told Redmayne is that she rarely watches playback of her scenes when shooting a film. It's not so much that she is The Jennifer Lawarence and does no wrong. She just doesn't want to second-guess herself the whole time.

"[I don't watch the dailies] unless I keep getting the same note and I'm obviously not getting it, then I'll watch it again on the monitor," she told Redmayne, who revealed that he watched dailies all throughout the filming at The Theory of Everything.

"Maybe watching dailies would make me better," Jennfer Lawrence said. "Every time I'm at a premiere, all I'm doing is thinking, 'Oh, you shouldn't have said it like that!' Actually, it would probably just make me neurotic."

Lawrence revealed how she ended up acting, including the surprise that she did not like doing theater.

"When my parents were going to be working when I got off from school, they started me with theater. I didn't really like it, and I only did it for a few weeks. I was 14, and then somebody took my picture on a street in New York, and then I read a screenplay for a film called Gracie; it was about soccer. I had always sucked in school and hated sports, and then I read that and was like, 'This I get! This I love!' I became so convinced that it was going to work out that I told my parents I was moving to New York. I look back and I'm like, 'Oh my God. You were a fucking idiot! You could've died!'"

Lawrence's move certainly has paid off for her. Between her Hunger Games films and other box office and critical favorites like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, she is riding a wave that many other actresses hope to emulate.

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