Jennifer Lawrence: Post-Split Visit at Chris Martin's House

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Jennifer Lawrence made a post-split visit at Chris Martin's Malibu house on Thursday night. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star was spotted driving a Cadillac. She kept a low profile as she entered and exited the home. She reportedly spent a couple of hours inside before leaving, with what may have been some belongings she had left behind while the two were dating.

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence dated for about four months before splitting up a few weeks ago. The split between the two is said to be an amicable one.

It was definitely a strange thing knowing that while the Coldplay front man was dating Lawrence that he frequently attended family dinners with both Gwyneth Paltrow and their children. Sure, divorced dads spend time with their children--but do they always eat dinner with their ex? That might be part of Gwyneth Paltrow's conscious uncoupling--or whatever it is she claims the two are doing--in the best interest of their children.

Following his visit with Jennifer Lawrence on Thursday evening, Chris Martin attended Kate Hudson's Halloween party. Other celebs in attendance included Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Lily Allen, and mom of the hostess--Goldie Hawn. Martin didn't wear a costume to the party, but was spotted getting some up close and personal looks at a couple of women who wore rather scantily clad costumes.

RadarOnline reports something very different with regard to Jennifer Lawrence's visit to Chris Martin's home on Thursday night. They say that despite Chris and Jennifer's split, the two couldn't bear to stay apart. They are even reporting that when the two broke up it didn't seem like they'd stay that way, and they add that Chris Martin is really quite enamored with the Hunger Games star.

It will be interesting to learn in the coming weeks if Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are spotted out and about or making quiet evening visits with one another. Might Gwyneth Paltrow have something to do with why they're sneaking around after dark? Or might that simply not be the case at all?

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