Jennifer Lawrence Is Leaving 'X-Men' Franchise, Makes Announcement At 'Serena' Premiere

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Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence says “good bye” to her villain alter-ego Mystique as she finishes filming X-Men: Apocalypse.

On a red carpet interview with MTV News during the premiere of Serena on Saturday, Lawrence said that taking on the role of the blue-hued seductress will be her last for the X-Men franchise.

Lawrence was first seen as the witty, sexy villain Mystique in X-Men: First Class, which was released in 2011. She again appeared with a back flip and blue-nude kick in X-Men: days of Future Past, which was released in 2014.

X-Men: Apocalypse co-writer and co-producer Simon Kinberg hinted last year that the film will be the “close of a trilogy for those First Class characters”.

But it seems like X-Men fans will get more of Lawrence as the film will explore more of Mystique’s relationship with Beast.
"The relationship between Beast and Mystique is a really interesting one that we didn't have a lot of time to explore in Days of Future Past, so we'll have an opportunity to do more of that in Apocalypse," Kinberg said.

Playing Mystique required Lawrence to appear almost nude while acting out fight scenes in head-to-toe blue make-up. "I always have a little bit of blue somewhere," the actress candidly told Jimmy Fallon in an interview last year. Now it's just kind of like on my hands and ears. I look like I have a bizarre fungus."

Even though she has to leave her villainous character behind, Lawrence is still kept busy with film schedules. She will come back this year as Katnis Everdeen in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 in November. She also stars with American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper in Joy, which will hit the big screens later in December.

X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters May 27, 2016. 

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