Jennifer Lawrence Gets Starstruck And It's Adorable

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Jennifer Lawrence has been the darling of critics, moviegoers, and Hollywood veterans for a while now; it's a heady combination of talent, looks, wit, and self-deprecation that has attracted everyone like bees to pollen, and now that the awards season has come to a close, she's proven her funny personality wasn't just a fluke put on for a talk show.

Though she landed herself in a bit of hot water after her Golden Globes acceptance speech, the whole incident was quickly cleared up and the "Silver Linings Playbook" star went back to charming the pants off everyone who came into contact with her. And though some think her cavalier attitude towards the celebrity life is put on, she seems to have proven that she can be funny and humble at the same time--take a look at her Oscars spill if you need more proof.

While it seems easy for Lawrence to shrug off the sudden fame she found after starring in the widely acclaimed "Winter's Bone", she does still get starstruck, and Jack Nicholson was the culprit. The legendary actor came up to her during a backstage interview last night and succeeded in making her blush, turning an epic night into an even bigger epic night.

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