Jennifer Lawrence Gave Josh Hutcherson a Concussion


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Jennifer Lawrence has played a tough chick throughout her young career; In Winter's Bone she got her butt kicked by her hillybilly relatives and sawed off her dead father's hand so that her family could collect insurance money, in Burning Plain she accidentally burned her mother and the man she was having an affair with alive after trying to smoke them out of their love shack, and in The Hunger Games she will fight to the death to save her people and start a revolution.

As we reported in a previous article, Lawrence went through intense training to prepare her for the role of Katniss Everdeen. Throughout the process she has become a biological weapon of Lara Croft proportions and unfortunately HG co-star Josh Hutcherson was on the receiving end of her playful death blow.

Hutcherson revealed on the "Late Show with David letterman" on Wednesday that he was goofing around with Lawrence on set and she ended up giving him a mild concussion: "We were just goofing around, and like doing some shadow boxing for fun. She throws this beautiful kick, but it landed right on my temple and literally knocked me to the ground. I was down. I was seeing stars and she was freaking out, crying."

Apparently Lawrence doesn't know the power of her own strength.

Hutcherson tried to comfort Lawrence and patted her on the back as the production called in the number 1 neurologist in the state to make sure he was okay.

Hutcherson said he was so dazed that the next day he started giving someone his address from when he was nine.

The young man was in good spirits earlier this week and thinks the entire incident is hilarious.