Jennifer Lawrence Falls Again On The Red Carpet; Here's Why It's Probably Not A Stunt

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Jennifer Lawrence is the Hollywood starlet we all love; not only is she beautiful and talented, she's also funny and isn't afraid to be insanely silly. But her goofy sense of humor and penchant for clumsiness has some wondering whether all the tumbles she's taken in the public eye are a stunt to show everyone how much like us she really is.

The most recent fall occurred at the premiere for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, where she and her co-stars had to climb red-carpeted stairs. And while it's possible that J-Law just really is that clumsy, a video taken of the incident appears to show her struggling with the long train of her dress and she was later reportedly overheard telling Josh Hutcherson to be careful not to step on it. That would certainly explain the fall.

As many will recall, Jennifer Lawrence first took a spill walking up to the stage to accept her first Academy Award in 2012, and her smooth recovery and ability to laugh at herself just made everyone love her even more. After she fell again on the red carpet last year, some began to wonder if it was just becoming her trademark move. This time, after a fan asked Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson if Jennifer was okay, Jacobson made it clear that it's simply the way the actress is wired.

"She's used to it," Jacobson wrote on Twitter.

Jennifer Lawrence makes headlines just about every day, especially now that her career is in full swing. Now that the Hunger Games franchise is wrapped up--and Jennifer's handprints are immortalized next to her co-stars' at the famous Chinese Theater in L.A.--Her next project is Passengers opposite Chris Pratt, who plays her love interest in the sci-fi drama. Lawrence recently lightened her hair to a platinum shade for the role, which led to fans taking to the web to discuss her beauty trends. The film is due out next year.

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