Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin Upset His Ex With PDA

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin reportedly caused quite the stir when they showed up together at Harry Styles' 21st birthday party together.

The couple have been dating since last summer, so their presence together was not surprising.

However, it was apparently difficult for Alexa Chung, who also attended the party and who Martin dated for a brief time after his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, to see Martin with Jennifer Lawrence.

The British fashionista was "totally thrown" by their lovey-doveyness.

"Alexa hadn't seen Chris since they dated last year and was totally thrown when he walked in holding hands with Jennifer Lawrence. She avoided them all night and got a little upset in front of friends, saying how hard it was to see Chris with someone else," a source said.

It wasn't just seeing Chris Martin with someone else. It was seeing him be very flirtatious with Jennifer Lawrence that really did it.

"Chris and Jennifer were really tactile with each other, which left Alexa feeling even more hurt," an insider said.

The insider added, "She tried to say hello to him while Jennifer was talking to other friends but told her pals it was really awkward."

Well, at least none of the couple's exes had to see them faun over each other on Valentine's day.

Chris Martin reportedly spent the special day on the beach with Gwyneth Paltrow and their kids, Moses, 8, and Apple, 10.

A source said, "[They] spent several hours on the beach. Gwyneth and Chris were friendly, but they always are. Chris spent most of the time with the kids in the ocean, and Gwyneth stayed with friends on the beach. Chris even surfed with the kids. He is a great dad and very patient."

Jennifer Lawrence stayed in Boston to work on her new movie, Joy, but filming was postponed after the snow hit.

But, she wasn't alone.

Jennifer Lawrence had a Galentine's day date with some friends.

What do you think about Alexa Chung getting so upset seeing Chris Martin with Jennifer Lawrence?

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