Jennifer Garner's Love For Her Mom and Sisters Brings Her to Tears

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Jennifer Garner was brought to tears Wednesday when speaking about her family during an emotional appearance on the Today show.

The love Jennifer Garner feels for her mom, Patricia, and sisters Melissa and Susannah was touchingly apparent after a photo Savannah Guthrie shared from a recent Southern Living photo shoot brought the Danny Collins actress to tears.

"It makes me cry to see their faces, so I won't look," Jennifer Garner said as the photo appeared on a screen behind her.

"There's just nothing like sharing the spotlight or anything else with your sisters and your mom," Garner said as she began to tear up and slow her speech. "It's always fun for me to get my sisters dolled up and my mom... I can't even take it, Today show is too tough for me."

Savannah Guthrie saved the day by changing the subject, but her tears returned when Matt Lauer took a moment to praise the actress for her emotional honesty.

"We just put Jennifer on the list of best guests ever... Fantastic, she's unbelievable," said Lauer.

"I'm so sorry!" Jennifer Garner said, looking beautiful as ever as she wiped more tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My mom is under the weather and it just... I didn't realize I would get emotional."

Jennifer Garner, who is the middle daughter of Patricia and Bill Garner, didn't specify her mother's medical condition.

Jennifer Garner explained the importance of her relationship with her sisters in the Southern Living interview.

"Being the middle sister of these three girls is the relationship that defines me more than anything else. More than being my kids' mother, more than being my husband's wife, I'm first and foremost the middle Garner girl," she said.

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