Jennifer Garner Talks Ben Affleck and Past Crushes


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Jennifer Garner has definitely had a busy week with a lot to talk about. With the theatrical release of her new film Draft Day, she's made several public appearances to promote the film. She also stopped by Live! With Kelly & Michael on Friday, Apr. 11.

Although she appeared on the show to discuss the  comedy-drama, football film she co-stars in with Kevin Costner, the athletic nature of the film actually led to a comical discussion about her husband Ben Affleck's competitive nature.

According to US Weekly, Garner quipped about how emotional Affleck can get at their 8-year-old daughter Violet's basketball games. While the Dallas Buyer's Club actress likes to offer mutual support for all participants in the game, Affleck isn't supporting any opponents. As a matter of fact, he even becomes a baffled when she even claps for the other team.

"I clap for everyone who makes a shot on either team," Garner said, adding "because I feel like, good shot, great job." The feeling isn't too mutual for Affleck. Apparently, he takes the game quite seriously. "Meanwhile, he's freaking out and I'm constantly like, 'stop it!'"

"You know, he’ll be saying, 'she's open! Do you see she's open?!'" Garner quipped of her hubby. "It's like, 'Ben, they're eight. You're yelling  at an 8-year-old little girl. She will see that Violet is open and she will get the ball to her when it’s appropriate.'" However, Garner knows her husband does it all out of love!

The 41-year-old actress also had lots to say during a recent interview with On the Red Carpet (OTRC). During the interview, Garner explained how filming the movie actually came with one big perk - Kevin Costner! Garner revealed that Costner was actually her teenage crush. So, she was honored to have the privilege to star in a film with the veteran actor.

"You know, I remember when I was younger, watching 'Bull Durham' and just falling so hard for Kevin Costner," she told the publication. "Well, he's still Kevin Costner he still knows exactly what do. And I didn't care a thing about baseball but I sure loved watching him. And he quarterbacks this movie -- he marches us down the field."

Draft Day opened in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 11.

Image via Jennifer Garner, Facebook
Image via Jennifer Garner, Facebook