Jennifer Garner Says She and Ben Affleck Have Sassy Kids

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Jennifer Garner admits that she and hubby Ben Affleck have some sassy kids. She explained during a recent interview with People magazine that their little ones have attitude. It certainly doesn't sound like it's bad, however.

“I’m surrounded by attitude,” she said at the Huggies Snug & Dry event.

“With the eye-rolling and the drama and the attitude. I just tell them, ‘I didn’t try to order kids with sass. How did I get all these sassy kids?’” Jennifer Garner says.

The actress's love for children in general--not just her own--is apparent. As an ambassador for Save the Children, she works tirelessly to help less fortunate mothers meet their kids' needs.

“One in three moms struggle to get diapers for their kids,” the Danny Collins star explains.

“And studies are showing that it’s not some huge crisis that causes the stressors [for moms]. It’s the pileup of little things. It’s like revving your car engine at full speed while sitting still. Eventually it starts to run out.”

Huggies recently donated 2 million diapers to Baby2Baby, a charity that donates clothes and goods to low-income families, as well as 500,000 diapers to Save the Children.

“Huggies and Baby2Baby just lift this stressor off moms’ plates and it makes them able to add another meal to the table or to think about something else or provide for their families in another way," Jennifer Garner says.

The mom of three explains that providing for her own kids--sassy or not--means helping with their homework.

“My strengths are projects,” she says. “I’m the consistent quiet bugger. I bug and I make sure it gets done.”

“[Violet] has needed company more than she’s needed help,” Garner explains. “When she needs help, I’m going to say, ‘Go find Dad!’”

All kidding about sassy kids aside, Save the Children is blessed to have the actress in their corner.

Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel Affleck are blessed to call her 'Mom.'

Do you suppose Ben Affleck and their gang have something special planned for Jennifer Garner for Mother's Day?

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