Jennifer Garner On Working With Al Pacino

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Jennifer Garner recently wrapped, and began promoting, her new movie, Danny Collins.

The film stars Jennifer Garner as a mother and wife, a role she is pretty secure in.

Alongside Jennifer Garner, it also stars Al Pacino as her former-rocker father-in-law who has estranged himself from his son. Al Pacino's character tries to make amends with his family as he ages.

Seeing Al Pacino as a former rock star is pretty fun, but working with him must have been really fun, especially for Jennifer Garner.

Recently, in an interview about Danny Collins, Jennifer Garner opened up about what it was like to work with the Hollywood icon.

Jennifer Garner said she was already on board with doing Danny Collins, but working with Al Pacino made the deal so much sweeter.

She said, "I met (writer-director) Dan Fogelman before. We have managers in common so I think I'd been spoon-fed to him a little bit. I'd been sold to him certainly and it came my way. The second I read it I thought, 'This is just a jewel box. This movie is just a beautiful gem.' And then they said, 'Al's doing it,' and I said, 'Yep, I'm already doing it so it doesn't even matter. That's even better.'"

Jennifer Garner said the experience she had working with Al Pacino was full of surprises and that watching him work was never boring.

She said, "Al spent a lot of energy making sure that everyone feels comfortable, everyone feels good and everyone is at ease. It's a lot of work being Al Pacino, and having everybody put their childhood fantasies and their impressions of you aside. Being Al Pacino is probably exhausting and he's so gracious about it. He handles that really well. He's very generous with how he puts out so much love so that you can calm down."

Jennifer Garner added, "But he's also just a vulnerable guy who's kind of a mess and really funny and disarming. He's a fascinating, wonderful man and the second you start shooting, he's so easy in his own skin that you just kind of want to work with him and keep going and going. I didn't have that much to do with him, unfortunately. I wish I'd had more. But I loved watching him and Bobby [Cannavale] together. I loved watching their off-camera relationship. You can see in every moment that they're together and where their kind of looking at me and saying, 'This one's crazy.' They're like an old married couple in a way, or a father and son. They're really special together. The two of them on the porch, oh, wasn't that beautiful?"

Such sweet words from Jennifer Garner on her experience with Al Pacino.

What do you think working with Al Pacino would be like?

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