Jennifer Garner Is Having Trouble At Home, But It's Not What You Might Think

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Jennifer Garner is encountering trouble at home, but it's not what you might think.

And no, there's nothing going on between her and hubby Ben Affleck.

“I’m surrounded by attitude,” Jennifer Garner told People magazine at the Huggies Snug & Dry event of her brood, which include Violet, nine, Seraphina, six, and Samuel, three, with husband Ben Affleck.

“With the eye-rolling and the drama and the attitude. I just tell them, ‘I didn’t try to order kids with sass. How did I get all these sassy kids?’”

When it comes to homework, Jennifer Garner said she has a particular gift.

“My strengths are projects,” said Jennifer Garner. “I’m the consistent quiet bugger. I bug and I make sure it gets done."

Jennifer Garner, 43, may joke about her home life, but she's very serious about her role as an ambassador for Save the Children. She was on hand at the event to bring attention to a serious problem in America.

“One in three moms struggle to get diapers for their kids,” she explains.

“And studies are showing that it’s not some huge crisis that causes the stressors [for moms]. It’s the pileup of little things. It’s like revving your car engine at full speed while sitting still. Eventually it starts to run out."

According to Jennifer Garner, Huggies donated 2 million diapers, with 1.5 million going to Baby2Baby, a charity that donates clothes and goods to low-income families, and 500,000 to Save the Children.

“Huggies and Baby2Baby just lift this stressor off moms’ plates and it makes them able to add another meal to the table or to think about something else or provide for their families in another way,” said Jennifer Garner.

Pam Wright