Jennifer Garner Hurt by Christine Ouzounian Situation, Rethinking Living With Ben Affleck in L.A.

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are renovating their family home in L.A., and initially planned to live there together, raising their three children despite their plans to divorce. In light of the Christine Ouzounian scandal (Ben Affleck's rumored nanny love interest), Garner is now rethinking the entire living situation.

"Jen will always make sure that Ben spends as much time with the kids as he wants, but she is rethinking their living situation," a source close to the family says. "She can't stand the situation Ben has put her and the kids in."

Ben Affleck continues to deny rumors about an affair with Christine Ouzounian, but Jennifer Garner seems like she's unsure of what to believe, and is very hurt by the implications.

Affleck recently returned to L.A. with Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, while Jennifer Garner wraps filming Miracles from Heaven in Atlanta. When she returns to L.A., she will make a decision about their previous plans for their living arrangement.

"They are thinking about the housing situation together and continue to work on the relationship," a second source says. "Any family going through a split hurts. They are in a much better place now."

Despite their living arrangement, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner remain steadfast in their plan to raise their children together.

"[Jen] is being smart and not putting too much pressure on herself right now," the family source says. "When she comes back to L.A., she will take things day by day."

Sadly, many couples enter into a pre-divorce situation with the best of intentions. Often those intentions wind up falling by that proverbial wayside when real life smacks them in the face. In this case, Christine Ouzounian has issued the biggest, harshest smack.

Sources say Ben and Jen have just recently stopped wearing their wedding rings, too.

If Jennifer Garner learns there is any truth to these rumors about Ben Affleck and their former nanny, those good intentions could fly right out the window--at least until the pain and infuriation recede.

Some sources believe Christine Ouzounian is now using the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split to become a reality TV star.

Divorce hurts. Living through it in the public eye probably hurts even more. Even if Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck can't live by their initial intentions, hopefully they can shield their children from some of this overt pain.

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