Jennifer Aniston: Why Is Being Her Friend A "Burden"?

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In a recent interview with HuffPost Live, comedienne Chelsea Handler revealed what it was like to be the best friend of Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Among other things, Handler said that being besties with Aniston was “a burden.”

The former host of Chelsea Lately dished on her friendship with Aniston, saying that people are always trying to get information from her about the Meet The Millers actor. “Everywhere I go, people ask me about Jennifer Aniston’s wedding. And I tell her, ‘Being friends with you is a burden,’” said Handler.

Aniston is currently engaged to The Leftovers actor Justin Theroux, but the pair have not yet set a date for their wedding. Handler revealed how fielding questions from reporters is a responsibility that comes with being friends with Aniston.

“You think it’s hard to be friends with me? Do you know what it’s like to walk down a red carpet and [reporters] go ‘When are Jen and Justin getting married?’ like I’m in charge of that!” Handler said.

Despite Handler’s irritation with reporters who hound her for the littlest tidbits about Aniston, the 39-year-old talk show host assured her friends that their secrets were safe with her. Handler said that even if she did know about Aniston and Theroux’s wedding plans, she wouldn’t reveal them to the press.

“My friends who are really private, whether they’re famous or not, I won’t talk about them. I do more than a lot of them are comfortable with, but I always joke around,” said Handler. “If it was not a cool thing to do, I wouldn’t tell someone’s secrets. Everything’s got a play on it. It’s a joke.”

“I wouldn’t screw you over, I just wouldn’t do that,” continued Handler. “I’m not interested in private information. That’s when I go to myself, where there’s plenty of stuff to pick from.”

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