Jennifer Aniston: No Oscar Nod for 'Cake'

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Jennifer Aniston didn't get that highly anticipated Oscar nod for her role in Cake. For months speculation ran high with Oscar fever for the former Friends star. Jennifer Aniston portrayed Claire Simmons in the film--a woman who suffers from chronic pain.

"The leg was shattered, the back was broken, the neck," Aniston said of her character's condition during a recent interview with Access Hollywood. "There's not one thing that doesn't hurt or even that it hurts to breathe and just basically being conscious of the right leg; being conscious of not being able to walk and get up or nothing."

In addition to playing a woman who wound up seriously addicted to pain medication as a result of her condition, Jennifer Aniston also had to face her fear of drowning head on.

"I have a thing about being submerged from a kid. I drove my tricycle into a pool, sunk to the bottom 'cause I wasn't ready enough to let go of the darn thing," she explained about the origin of her fear. "I have a really hard time going under water... It was a day of kinda getting a little panicked."

In Cake, her character engages in water therapy, meaning it was into the pool with Aniston.

In real life Jennifer Aniston is engaged--but not with water therapy. She has been engaged to actor Justin Theroux for a bit over two years now. Some wonder if the two will ever get around to tying that proverbial knot.

The previews alone made it look as though Jennifer Aniston was a definite Oscar contender for Cake. Apparently the Academy had too much competition through which to sift in the leading actress category. Were you among those very surprised to learn of her Oscar snub?

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