Jennifer Aniston Loves The Smell Of A Sweaty Man And Church

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Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities that the world just seems to want to know every detail about.

Since we know so much about Jennifer Aniston already, it was exciting for fans to finally find out what her favorite scents are. And some of them are a little, well, unusual.

Jennifer Aniston just released her third perfume and after the first two, she wanted something a little different.

Of her perfume, Jennifer Aniston revealed, “I’ve been wanting to do more of a nighttime fragrance, something a little sexier. The others are a little lighter and more daytimey.”

Jennifer Aniston's new fragrance includes a hint of jasmine, which she said is one of her favorite scents.

Jennifer Aniston said of the flower, “I grew up in New York City, so I wasn’t around flowers that much. But, when I’d go to my friends’ houses in the country, it was one of those smells I loved. It gives you a feeling of butterflies … the anticipation of something really wonderful and fun approaching.”

Besides jasmine, Jennifer Aniston has a few other favorites that are unexpected, like Ellen Degeneres' house.

Jennifer Aniston said of the smell that lingers in Degeneres' home, “It’s delicious. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s really earthy.”

Add to that list church. Yep, church. Jennifer Aniston said, “I love the smell of church—any church. I’m not religious in any way, but I do love all of those wonderful incenses.”

And finally, sweaty men.

She said, “I’m very anti-cologne on men. I love the way they smell naturally. Their own eau de sweat.”

That's just kind of gross. Maybe Justin Theroux doesn't smell like the normal sweaty man?

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's scent faves? If you live with a sweaty man, do you adore his smell?

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