Jennifer Aniston Has A Big Fear, Not Keen On Husband Justin Theroux's Hobbie

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Newlyweds Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are still relishing the honeymoon stage of their marriage, and are undoubtedly crazy about each other. However, Theroux admitted that there’s one thing about him that his superstar wife isn’t too crazy about.

During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, the host brought up the fact that Aniston is not too keen about riding motorcycles. Theroux, who is an avid fan of motorcycles and the owner of a few of them, confirmed this fact and added, "She's gotten on like three times, but she's done with it.”

DeGeneres made a comment about motorcycles being dangerous, to which Theroux replied, "[Aniston] does not like it. She doesn't feel in control sitting behind someone driving fast on a motorcycle, which I understand. I wouldn't want to sit behind someone."

Motorcycles have been known to be Theroux’s preferred mode of transportation. Ever since he and Aniston started dating, he would be seen riding his blacked-out BMW around cities where his then-fiancée would be shooting. He is also known for his signature “biker” style of T-shirt, tight black jeans, boots, and black leather jacket.

Theroux and DeGeneres also talked about his surprise wedding last August, to which the talk show host was invited. While most of the guests were privy to the ceremony, there were a few others who thought that they were attending Theroux’s 44th birthday.

He also gushed about calling Aniston his wife. "The first couple days of doing it, it's a great feeling," he gushed. "You're not saying fiancé, after a while, sounds cute at first, then you go like, eh, fiancé. Then you get to say 'my wife.' "

Known to give her guests cool presents, DeGeneres gave Theroux a life-size doll of Jennifer Aniston. Amidst laughter, they both agreed that it is a great substitute for when he misses his wife or when he wants someone to ride with him on his motorcycle.

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