Jennifer Aniston Empathizes With 'Cake' Character


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Jennifer Aniston is a busy woman!

The former Friends star is reportedly still engaged to be married and making plans to start a family. But, that's not all! She still has a hectic schedule and an amazing career which requires a substantial amount of her time.

During a recent interview, the 45-year-old actress opened up about the gratuitous effort she put into executing her role in the new drama film Cake, reports Cover Media.

Aniston stars as Claire Simmons in the Daniel Barnz-directed film. Her character is a woman who becomes fascinated with the suicide of a woman met in a chronic pain support group. So, she explained how she prepared for the intense role.

"I did quite a lot of homework, studying, and I have two girlfriends who have suffered from chronic pain," Aniston said.

"One who is actually a dear friend and a stuntwoman who experienced a very severe accident and  became addicted to pain meds and so I was basically asked about their physicality, talked to different doctors, just because for me it was really important to be true to what the medicine that I was taking physically would be doing to my body and at what point," she explained.

She went on to reveal one of the biggest challenges she faced while filming. "I think that was my biggest challenge, was as we were shooting out of order, having a ledger of where I was in my pain management and in my physicality because she was always physically in pain, but it was in different degrees."

Aniston also expressed why the role is so significant to her. It's reportedly one of the most "courageous" roles she's ever done. "Well my God, it's just the farthest thing from anything I have ever done and when I read it, it was so exciting and I knew that this would be an extraordinary challenge," she explained.

"I was so excited and so ready to just dive in and take it on and meeting Daniel [Barnz] and having this wonderful collaboration, it was everything that I hoped as an actor, and being given the opportunity, I was just so grateful."