Jennifer Aniston: Contender For Oscar Award With New Movie 'Cake'

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Her turn as a woman debilitated by chronic pain in the film Cake won her rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Jennifer Aniston may yet have a chance at winning an Oscar for it. Cinelou Releasing will reportedly be letting Cake hit theaters for a one-week run in December, which will help the film—and Aniston—qualify for Academy Awards consideration. A wider release is planned for Cake in 2015.

Producers have revealed that Aniston was their only choice for the role when they first read the script. “When my life and producing partner Ben Barnz and I first read Cake just 14 months ago, we knew we had to go to Jennifer Aniston. It was the most obvious un-obvious choice—she’s mega-talented, but we’ve never seen the whole range of her extraordinary comic and dramatic abilities showcased in one role,” said Daniel Barnz, director and executive producer of Cake.

In the movie, Aniston tones down her glamorous looks to play a woman unconcerned about her appearance because she has to deal with chronic pain. Her character is seen wearing oversized sweaters and greasy hair, and has alienated most of the people around her with her foul mood, except for the housekeeper she pays to hang around, played by Adriana Barraza. Aniston’s performance in the film was reportedly praised by critics, and although the film received mixed reviews, it was given a standing ovation when it was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Cake and Aniston’s performance may get even more praise as the film is distributed more widely when it hits theaters again next year in January. Because Cinelou Releasing reportedly has a pact with Warner Bros. to release six of its titles next year internationally, Aniston in Cake will be exposed to an international audience.

“We were very pleased with how Cake turned out and are excited about all the opportunities the film presents on multiple levels,” said Cinelou Films producer Courtney Solomon.

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