Jenni Rivera Estate Sues: Negligence Blamed For Star's Death


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It has been nearly two years since popular Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera was tragically killed in a plane crash.

Rivera was said to have just been hitting her stride.

Now the deceased superstar's estate has filed a lawsuit against Starwood Management Inc, the company that owned the jet that crashed back in December 2012.

The plane was said to have suddenly plunged 28,000 ft and crashed in Northern Mexico.

The crash that killed Jenni Rivera also took the lives of her attorney, publicist, hair stylist, make-up artist, and one of the pilots.

Rivera's estate has complained that Starwood Management was guilty of negligence, and this led to the popular star's untimely death.

Her widower, former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Esteban Loaiza, had previously filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Starwood. Apparently the two parties settled as the lawsuit was eventually dismissed at the request of Loaiza.

The negligence in the current lawsuit is likely the same complaint raised by Loaiza: The belief that the pilots hired by the company to fly the plane were not licensed and that damage to the plane during a 2005 accident was never fixed.

The possibility that Jenni Rivera's death was entirely preventable is no doubt heartbreaking to her family members and fans.

Starwood Management does not appear ready to answer to the lawsuit.

Attempts by multiple news sources to get a statement about the Rivera case have gone unanswered. The lawyer hired to represent the company has reportedly walked away and has yet to be replaced by Starwood.

In an interesting and unfortunate turn of events, Rivera's company has itself been sued by the surviving family members of those who died in the plane crash with Jenni Rivera.

The attorneys representing Rivera's company and the legal representatives of the grieving family members are expected to update a judge on Wednesday as to the progress of settlement discussions.