Jennette McCurdy "Uncomfortable" In Minimal Makeup For "Between"

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Jennette McCurdy is definitely excited that her Netflix show, Between, has been picked up for another season.

On Tuesday, Jennette McCurdy announced the good news via a Twitter post.

Jennette McCurdy later said of the news, "I’m thrilled to be continuing on with a second season of Between. Working with Netflix, City, and the entire cast and crew has been such an enjoyable experience and I can’t wait for more."

Well, if Jennette McCurdy is preparing for another season, it's a good thing she likes her role. And with that role comes a very different makeup routine than she had during her days on iCarly.

Jennette McCurdy revealed that she wasn't too happy with the makeup she had to wear as a kid on the Nickelodeon show.

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She said, "It’s funny, because growing up acting, I hated all the makeup they put on me — I was a tomboy and that foundation always felt so caked-on."

She added, "But for this character [on Between], they wanted my hair slicked back, so every day it was in a pony that wasn’t even brushed. We’re talking minimal. And then I had the grown-out bangs, which would flop about, and they became known as the ‘little seagull wings’ on set."

do you

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That being said, Jennette McCurdy admitted that she feels a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera without a mask of makeup.

Jennette McCurdy said, "I find it easier to act when I feel comfortable with how I look with the makeup on. It’s such a vulnerable thing to have cameras in your face and a crew around watching you all day. Yeah, it can be uncomfortable, but I least I know my blemishes are covered. That’s a great feeling."

What do you think of Jennette McCurdy's show, Between? Do you think she looks better in a more natural look or do you prefer her made-up face on her earlier shows?

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