Jennette McCurdy Loses Good Girl Image Going from 'Sam & Cat' to 'Between'

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Jennette McCurdy, star of Nickelodeon hits iCarly and Sam & Cat has given up her good girl role for a new show now filming in Toronto for Netflix and City. The Canadian survivalist thriller features Jennette McCurdy in a grown up role--one her Nickelodeon fans might not even recognize.

Called Between, it will debut simultaneously on Netflix and City--the Canadian TV network that developed the one-hour drama.

On Thursday, Jennette McCurdy chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about filming Between.

"I'm going back home next week, and I've grown a lot," she said.

Believe is about a town under siege from a disease--unknown in nature--that has killed everyone, except for those aged 21 and under.

"I've had this personal arc," Jennette McCurdy said. "I come from the set to home, and I feel like I've emotionally released myself. It's a way to get out emotions that you may put on the back burner and put aside to act a certain role to your fans.

In the six-part TV drama, the young people--who are mostly high school students--must decide how to survive as the government quarantines the town.

Singer Ariana Grande's former costar and BFF isn't sure she wants her friends and family members to watch her in this latest role.

"In some ways, I don't want them (friends and family) to watch. It's very raw. And I'm sure, whether or not I want them to watch, they will watch the show," she said.

"I feel Believe is really perfect," she adds. 'A lot of the kids that watched iCarly and Sam & Cat are getting older. This fits the bill. Already my more intense fans are very excited and eagerly awaiting the series."

Jennette McCurdy struck a new phase in her independence while filming Believe.

"When I found out I was shooting in Toronto, I was scared to be away from my fans and friends and community for so long," she explains. "But I also felt excited to be alone and independent. It's turned out to be more than I could have anticipated. I've felt that I've made some great friends in Toronto."

Between is the first Canadian production Netflix has ordered.

You can see Jennette McCurdy in this new series beginning on May 21st.

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