Jenna Ushkowitz and Michael Trevino End Their 3-Year Relationship


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Glee and The Vampire Diaries’ fans can finally unite with disappointment, because Jenna Ushkowitz and Michael Trevino have broken up.

In 2011, Ushkowitz and Trevino’s relationship became public when they walked the SAG awards’ red carpet together. During a 2011 interview on, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, he asked her “if she has a thing for werewolves,” a clear reference to Trevino’s character Tyler Lockwood who was a werewolf-vampire hybrid (now a human) on The Vampire Diaries. Ushkowitz didn’t reveal any details on their romance; she simply told Seacrest that they were “very close.”

Since then, Ushkowitz and Trevino remained private about their relationship. However, she occasionally posted pictures of the couple on her Instagram.

The couple also did a photo-shoot in 2011, with photographer Tyler Shields, which highlighted their passion for one another. Emma Roberts was also included in the shoot.

Trevino showed his support for Ushkowitz by promoting her various projects, including her book Choosing Glee, via tweets.

On May 19, while attending The Normal Heart premiere, a videographer  asked Ushkowitz if she was still dating Trevino. She responded: "No, we're not together anymore. She also signed autographs during that interaction. The videographer apologized for bringing it up, but then Ushkowitz said, "That's okay, no worries," with a smile. Finally she added, "We're wonderful."

US Weekly reports that an insider said their relationship ended a while ago. But in January, Ushkowitz posted an old red carpet photo of the couple with the caption, “Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who has taught me how to laugh and love more and more everyday. Congrats on another year around the sun.”

In April, rumors surfaced that Trevino was dating his The Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev. The rumors started after Dobrev posted a picture of them bowling.

Nothing about the picture suggested they were a pair, but fans and gossip sites quickly jumped to that conclusion. Now with Trevino and Ushkowitz’s breakup confirmed, rumors of his romance with Dobrev may intensify, though they’ll likely prove false.

Image via Jenna Ushkowitz, Instagram