Jenna Jameson: 'Celebrity Big Brother' Contestant Engaged in Raunchy Kiss With Princess

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Jenna Jameson has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in a U.K. against U.S. competition. Once dubbed the "Queen of Porn," Jameson has made news for many sexual dalliances over the years. Will she behave herself in the CBB house?

Some of the most noted dalliances throughout the years for Jenna Jameson include hook ups with both Marilyn Manson and Tommy Lee. In an autobiography, Jenna Jameson wrote that the only weird thing about Manson was that he sucked the skin on her upper arm.

The porn star and Tommy Lee were involved in a short relationship following his split from Pamela Anderson.

Jenna Jameson hasn't only had relationships with men either. In fact, she admits to having had a lesbian relationship with Joan Jett. She claims her best lesbian relationship was with fellow porn star Nikki Tyler, however. The two lived together before Jenna Jameson became a noted porn star.

In 2005, Jenna Jameson engaged in what she refers to as a raunchy kiss with a princess. The porn star appeared on a show called Paradise Island, on which contestants were sent to stay in a luxury hotel. Each week the contestants are paired with a new person, with whom they share their room for the next week.

Jenna Jameson was paired with Sweden's Princess Sofia, and the two were captured engaged in that kiss on camera.

The now-retired porn star works as a webcam model now, and is making decent money for competing on Celebrity Big Brother. The show recently sent contestant Tila Tequila packing after a blog post she wrote years back, sympathizing with Adolf Hitler, was brought to the attention of producers.

How long will Jenna Jameson last in the CBB house? If there are any princesses among the contestants, watch out.

A raunchy kiss is no doubt in their future.

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