Jenelle Evans Finally Ready For A New Beginning?

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Jenelle Evans has had it rough since the world first met her on 16 and Pregnant.

Jenelle Evans couldn't take care of her first son, Jace, for whom she still fights for custody.

Among other things, Jenelle Evans was stealing her mother's credit cards and was known to disappear, leaving Jace with her mother, who now has custody.

After multiple arrests and an impressive collection of mug shots, Jenelle Evans finally seems to be getting it back together.

Jenelle Evans is rumored to be reunited with her fiance, Nathan Griffith, she became a mother for the second time, and she has made huge strides along her career path.


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On Twitter, Jenelle Evans shared her excitement for her future.

Jenelle Evans even indulged in a little well-earned bragging.

Jenelle Evans also offered some inspiration for anyone who may be struggling with difficulties in life.

My water baby

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Hopefully, Jenelle Evans can continue on an upward slope and eventually get her son, Jace, back.

What do you think? Do you think Jenelle Evans can pull it together?

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