Jenelle Evans Causes Twitter Uproar Over Son's Hair


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Jenelle Evans has done a lot of things that have earned her some harsh criticism. She had her son at a very young age and although she had planned on getting her life together and raising her son right, it seemed like she couldn't stay out of trouble long enough to make things right for her son Jace.

Jenelle's mom has custody of Jace and Jenelle has had several run-ins with the law over the last couple of years. Jenelle finally decided that she was ready to settle down and give her son a good life. She is currently dating Nathan Griffith, recently gave birth to a second son and has settled down a lot in the last few months.

Even though Jenelle is no longer the party girl she used to be and is trying to get her life together, it seems like some of her haters just aren't going to let her get away with anything without being judged, including cutting her own son's hair.

Jenelle decided to give Jace a haircut a few days ago and like many mothers, she posted photos of Jace and his new haircut on Twitter.

While she should have expected that not everyone would like Jace's new haircut, she couldn't have predicted how mean everyone would be about it and the criticism she received for it.

The old Jenelle would have probably freaked out over the negative comments and bad mouthing, but the new Jenelle decided to take the high road and kept her cool while defending her decision to give Jace the mohawk.

Many of Jenelle's fans and friends also came to her defense and said that they loved Jace's hair and didn't see a problem with the haircut.

Do you think Jenelle was right to give her son a mohawk?