Jenelle Evans Accused Of Abuse On Twitter Again

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Jenelle Evans needs to stop giving haters, who are dying to get her kids taken away, all the ammo they need. The former Teen Mom star just can't get a break from Twitter followers.

Some of them seem to exist only to try to bring her down.

It seems like Jenelle Evans has been trying to turn over a new leaf for herself and her family. She has even recently started the process to get custody of her older son, Jace.

However, a few weeks ago, Jenelle Evans was reported to Child Protective Services over 50 times after she posted a pic to Twitter showing her three-month-old son, Kaiser, with what appeared to be a black eye.

CPS called Jenelle Evans, but when she explained it away, the case against her was dismissed.

That wasn't the last that Jenelle Evans heard from malicious followers. Just this week, CPS showed up at her home unannounced to investigate reports that Jace was being abused by her.

Again, they found nothing against Jenelle Evans and dismissed the case.

Now, critics of Jenelle Evans' parenting skills are picking on her after she posted a picture of her baby, Kaiser, playing on the floor. The baby is adorable and Jenelle Evans was only bragging like a proud mama, but she got slammed.

The baby's diaper looks full, so therefore, they must call CPS.

I think if I were Jenelle Evans, I would abandon any and all social media and focus on getting my life right for my family.

But, there's no attention or money in that. So, I guess Jenelle Evans' stalkers will just keep doing their thing as long as she keeps doing hers!

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