Jen Selter: 'My Butt Made Me Famous'

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Three years ago, Jen Selter was just a normal Long Island girl with a normal body. She wasn't overweight, but she did not have the curves that she wanted. "I didn’t get attention for my body,” Jen said. “I never had a great butt or one that stood out.”

At that time, she started a rigorous diet and exercise plan that focused mainly on her glutes, and she started posting selfies on Instagram that included her backside. She instantly became an internet phenomenon. Her butt selfies landed her over 3 million followers on her social media accounts, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also landed her big bucks!

“I love taking pictures and I love social media,” Jen explained to WFAN’s Boomer & Carton show. “So if you put those two together, I was able to gain a huge following off of pictures in yoga pants.”

Because she has developed such a huge following, she was able to start making money by participating in endorsements for certain products. “It used to be a hobby and something I did for fun, but you have to make money at some point,” Selter said. “Now I can get offered anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000 to work with a product for like a month or two.”

While she tends to receive a lot of criticism for being too skinny, Selter says that all of the perks weigh out the negativity. She is currently working on an upcoming fitness DVD line, and hopes to help motivate others around the world. “I love knowing I’m the reason people push themselves off the couch to go to the gym!" she said. “I want to be like a Jillian Michaels. A fitness model who helps around the world.”

Check out one of Jen's workout routines below:

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