Jen Arnold Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis


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Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein have had their lives documented on TLC's The Little Couple for several years now. We have seen their struggles living with dwarfism, and we have seen their triumphs as they started their family through adoption.

This past year was one of Jen's best and worst. The couple found out that they had a little girl waiting on them in India. Jen, Bill, and their son Will traveled across the world to meet their newest edition Zoey. While they were there, Jen started experiencing very intense bleeding, and called her gynecologist. Her doctor suggested that she return to the States to be evaluated. As much as Jen wanted to stay there for Zoey, her health had to become a priority and she made her way back home.

After undergoing extensive testing, the doctors diagnosed Jen with stage three uterine cancer. She received radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and is currently in remission. While most people would want to keep this part of their life private, Jen made the decision to share her story with the world on their show. During a video, that was released on Thursday, Jen and Bill talk about how they both felt when Jen received her diagnosis, and why they chose to expose her journey.

“We hope, like everything else we shared, it helps to raise awareness, it educates, and maybe it helps someone along the line,” Jen said. She admitted that it was not an easy decision to make, but they thought it through and decided that they would move forward and allow the cameras to document the hardest time of their lives.

“For the first time, we had to pause and think about whether or not that was something we should and could share with you as well,” Jen explained. “After much thought and time, we decided that it would be important to share with you, this other struggle in our lives.”

Jen continues to inspire her viewers each and every day. She is such a strong woman, and lives to help others. Hopefully, her story will be able to help those out there who are currently battling the fierce disease.

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