@Jelly Guy Is Being Very Helpful To Confused Twitter Users Looking For Jelly

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The guy that has the @Jelly Twitter handle, which Jelly tried to buy from him, is still pointing confused Twitter users to the proper account, all the while, showing how Jelly might want to consider upping the offer it made for the account.

When Jelly launched early last week, it was going by @jellyhq on Twitter. A guy who goes by John Jelly (at least for his website JohnJelly.com - "Jelly" is a nickname he holds dear to his heart) has had the @Jelly Twitter handle since 2008, though he had been largely silent on Twitter for quite some time before Biz Stone's new app launched and he started getting Twitter users looking for that.

Jelly asked him on Twitter if he wanted to change names, to which @Jelly responded, "What's in it for me?"

Then the conversation turned to DM, when Jelly offered him some amount of money for the account, which he ultimately declined. He signed a non-disclosure agreement, so he wouldn't say just how much he was offered.

Since then, Twitter users have continued to frequently Tweet messages at him thinking they're Tweeting at the company. Jelly has since switched to the @askjelly handle.

But @Jelly has been quite the sport, answering many of them by pointing them in the right direction. He's even being tweeted the occasional cup of coffee for his trouble.

It's smart of @Jelly to include @askjelly in these Tweets, because it shows the company just how many Tweets intended for them he's actually getting. Perhaps the company will take that as a sign that the handle is worth more than what they previously thought. Or maybe they'll just try to wait until he gets tired of dealing with them.

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