Jelly Belly Brews Up a Beer-Flavored Jelly Bean

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Add this to the list of awesome things that taste like beer that aren't actually beer - beer cheese, beer brats, beer bread, and jelly beans.

The Jelly Belly Candy Company (probably just Jelly Belly to you) has just introduced a new draft beer flavored jelly bean. Apparently, people really wanted this:

"Continuing with the long line of flavor innovations from Jelly Belly Candy Company, we now have the first beer flavored jelly bean - Draft Beer. Beer has been a highly-requested flavor for decades, and after years of perfecting the formulation, we’re ready to share this new product with the world," says Jelly Belly.

Jelly Belly describes the candy, which was inspired (flavor-wise) by a hefeweizen, as "effervescent and crisp" with a "iridescent finish."

And you can feed them to your kids, of course - they're free of all the fun juice. I guess it could be a good way to introduce your kids to the wonderful flavor of beer, you know, without going to jail and stuff (there are some parents who are seriously pissed about this new flavor, according to comments on Jelly Bely's Facebook page).

Apparently, the flavor has been a hot seller. Bags of the beer-flavored beans are currently out of stock on the online store - but should be back within a few days.

Now this is a bar snack I could get into.

Image via Jelly Belly

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