Jeff Gordon Hoax Article Goes Viral

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A recent hoax that suggests Jeff Gordon is in a relationship with openly gay NASCAR driver Stephen Rhodes has gone viral and many people believe it is true.

The story began spreading on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and although the article is made up, it looks real enough that many Nascar fans think it might be true.

The story says,

“As if the sports world didn’t have enough people coming out of the closet. A highly respected member of the NASCAR community has come out and admitted he is in a relationship with a fellow openly gay NASCAR member. Jeff Gordon who is going through a divorce said that he is now dating openly gay driver Stephen Rhodes. Gordon joins a list of male athletes who are new to the openly gay sports world.”

The story even quotes supposed Nascar fans saying,

“There ain’t no room for that queer crap in NASCAR. This is a man sport that only straight men should be doing,” the story quoted Billy-Bob Benson, a former Jeff Gordon fan. “These queers need to go back and pray that god forgives them for the choice they made. If they wanna be gay go be a fashion designer and not ruin the greatest sport in the world!”

Although there is no truth to the story and Jeff Gordon has never claimed to be gay or in a relationship with a male, Nascar driver Stephen Rhodes really is gay. In fact, he is the first openly gay man to race for Nascar.

Neither driver has commented on the story, but many fans are outraged by the hoax and accusations. Jeff Gordon has a wife and two children and has never admitted to being gay. While many Gordon fans realized the article was a hoax as soon as they read it, others were confused by it.

The website that created the story, Empire Sports, is known for making up fake headlines about professional athletes and celebrities and is good as getting rumors spread and creating viral hoaxes.

Did you read the Jeff Gordon hoax article and did you think it was true?

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