Jeff Garlin Arrested On Felony Vandalism Charges

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Jeff Garlin, who stars in the HBO hit comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm", was arrested for felony vandalism over the weekend after a fight over a parking spot escalated.

Garlin reportedly became agitated with another driver in a Mercedes, and when words didn't get the point across, he smashed the car's windows. He was booked on Saturday afternoon and released on Sunday.

The whole thing sounds like a big misunderstanding worthy of Larry David (or George Costanza, for that matter). If you've been missing the show, there may be good news on the horizon; Garlin hinted earlier this year that there may be new episodes in store for fans, although they won't happen until at least the fall, if at all.

"I’d say it looks good but it won’t be any time soon,’ Garlin said. ‘I just finished my movie and Larry’s just finishing a movie that he did for HBO. So by the time he writes some more and says, “Do you want to do them?” the earliest we’d start filming, if we did, would be the fall. So we’ll see. But I think it’s pretty good."

David would be walking away from some serious cash and continued success if he chose not to pen another season (which would be the show's ninth); the popular series garnered a whopping 38 Emmy nominations during its run, and fans are still just as in love with David's grumpy-yet-lovable version of himself.

An HBO spokesman said earlier this year that they wouldn't pass on the chance to run another season.

"It’s always up to Larry. When he calls us and tells us he wants to do more… we say absolutely," he said.

Amanda Crum
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