Casey Kasem's Family Releases Medical Records After Jean Kasem Files Lawsuit Requesting Them

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Jean Kasem has succeeded in convincing the children of radio legend Casey Kasem to share all hospital records in their possession after she sued a hospital in Washington state to learn more about the last weeks of his life.

"The Kasem children are happy to provide Mrs. Kasem with all such records in their possession," the statement said. "These records indisputably show that Mr. Kasem was extremely ill when admitted to St. Anthony's hospital on June 1, 2014."

Kerri, Mike and Julie Kasem said in a statement issued through their lawyer Troy Martin on Wednesday that the records will show that their father was well-cared for and that all appropriate measures were taken to preserve Kasem's life. Records also indicate that when it was clear there was no more to be done to keep him alive, he was allowed to die comfortably.

"These records also demonstrate that Kerri Kasem, as the court-appointed conservator of the person, authorized an aggressive course of treatment to combat the life-threatening infections Mr. Kasem had developed while under Mrs. Kasem's care."

Jean Kasem filed suit earlier this month against St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, where Casey Kasem died from dementia last June at the age of 82.

The statement also indicated that the American Top 40 host should have been placed in hospice care. However, Jean Kasem moved her husband to a friend's home in Washington state from California. In the custody battle that ensued, Kerri Kasem won control of her father's care and had him taken to the hospital.

"When Casey entered the hospital, there was no expectation he had only a couple of weeks of life left to live," said Jean Kasem's attorney Lance Hester.

A court hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for April.

Casey Kasem was laid to rest at Vestre Gravlund, a cemetery in Oslo, Norway, on Dec. 16, per his widow's wishes.

Pam Wright